One comment on “The Edmunds Sistas Pt.2

  1. I agree with Ken, you really need to renhitk your position on all of this.Hapkido is outstanding for self defense, but not the kind you’ll need in a school. In some districts, you can’t even touch fighting kids to break them up. You’ll have a hard time explaining yourself with hapkido moves. Hapkido is harsh and fast; you’ll injure your opponent on the street as well as in school, but on the street, you have civil and criminal law on your side. In a school, you’ll only have criminal law on your side.That said, Aikido is much better suited, because it’s aim is to avoid confrontations and any damage done is usually the attacker’s fault and at his or her initiative.So my answer is, no, not for your purposes. Go for Aikido it will tend keep you out of legal trouble.

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